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Fresh From our farm

Featured Products

  • Τσιπς Λαχανίδας (Κέιλ τσιπς)
  • Κράκερ Λαχανίδας
  • Κράκερ Αμυγδάλου
  • Ενεργοποιημένα Αμύγδαλα
  • Σοκολατένια Ρολά
  • Ρολλά Φρούτων
  • Δημητριακά
  • Ενεργοποιημένα Καρύδια

Fresh From our farm

Our Testimonials

Image Testimonial

Martin Frank

Online Marketer

Some like it spicy…Ifigenia & the Philosopher…great for munching while watching a movie…Yum !

Image Testimonial


Project Manager

They taste like they should be bad for you! Is that a compliment I don’t know…But I love that I can get that same dirty & fuzzy...

Image Testimonial


Stylish Manager

Chloë designed the kale leaf stamp on our kale bag! These are bloody delicious…Im an addict! Stop me before I O.D.!

Image Testimonial



OO WEEEE look who we bumped into #supersnacks for #superathletes και ο chris singleton (ΠΑΟ b.c.) αντλεί τη δύναμη του από τα σνακ της...

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New From the farm

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