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Creating raw original flavours since 2009. Yes all products are RAW... slow cooked at 48° for over 20 hours.

What does that mean and why? 

Do you believe we should only eat raw? 

So here’s our philosophy... 

it’s not that we believe that everyone should be eating raw food 100% of the time, all year long. There is a reason why we crave warm foods in the winter months, and we should go with that feeling.

We believe in eating seasonally and following the cycles of mother nature, our greatest teacher. Yes we make Raw Food snacks at our workshop, because Raw Food requires kitchen equipment that can’t be found easily in an ordinary kitchen.

We do believe in including Raw Food into our diet, because it contains high amounts of the nutrients, vitamins and minerals, that we need to maintain good health. These are the medicines the earth offers...and we humbly receive them....altering them as little as possible.


At Troofood we believe in the wisdom of mother nature. Mother Nature is what  the ancient civilizations around the world used as their compass, and as much as humanity advances, we still consider the ancients as the wisest. Despite our advance in technology, modern civilization cannot lose its connection to ancient wisdom. Ancient wisdom derives its intelligence from the design of  mother nature. Mother Nature  provides for all her children. Our nourishment and our medicine comes from the earth.


In the Troofood love lab we work hard to bottle up our fizzy, probiotic, cocktail, a cultured drink that improves overall health, boosts the immune system, helps with weight loss, gives immense energy, and tastes supreme.

Meet our team


Danae Tsekoura

Raw food chef & Founder


Elly Lygnos

Raw food chef & Co-Founder


Daphne Tsatsou

Raw food chef & Co-Founder


Orestis Tilios