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Kale Chips SPICY 125g

hey really spicy…not overwhelmingly so , but theres that spicy sting that I look for when it says “spicy”…Plus it gets its spice from our organic cayenne pepper! The pepper contains: vitamin C, vitamin B6, vitamin E, potassium, manganese and flavonoids – which provides its powerful antioxidant properties.

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These Epic Kale Chips have been smothered in a raw cashew sauce and dehydrated to keep the optimum amount of nutrients…You should order fast cause they are always in danger of being consumed even before they come out of dehydrator- yes ! They are that gooood…


Data sheet

Dietary fiber
8,5 g | 37%
Saturated fat
5,7 g | 23%
2,8 g
1072 mg | 46%
476kcl / 1992j
Total fat
34,2 g | 51%
22,8 g
Total carbohydrate
33,6 g | 11%

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